Sharpe's Revenge

Actors: Sean Bean , Daragh O"Malley Abigail Cruttenden

Genre: Action , Adventure History

Rated: NC-16

Year: 1997

Rating: 7.9

Runtime: 101 min

Where: Lade



The war has ended but Jane,wearying of army life,is tricked by a greedy friend into returning to London and spending her husband"s money. Meanwhile Sharpe is set up by defeated Major Ducos and charged with stealing the French imperial treasure. He is put on trial but escapes with Harper and Fredrickson and sets out to find the honest Major Maillot who was coerced into signing the false accusation. Ducos"s men have Maillot shot but his widowed sister Lucille hides Sharpe whilst Fredrickson tracks down former foe General Calvet. Calvet allies with Sharpe to hunt down Ducos and regain the treasure. But Jane,now foolishly involved with fortune hunter Rossendale,may be harder to recapture.

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